Designed to blend in with nature, with mosquito nets and 24 hours hot water in their own bathrooms,
they all have a small porch to relax.

Small Bungalows:

Ideal for 1 or 2 persons, some of the small bungalows have fans and wood stoves, some have A/C.

Big Bungalows:

Covered with adobe, the big bungalows all have A/C. Accommodating up to 3 persons, one has a double bed and a single bed, and the other two have 3 single beds.

Double Room Bungalow:

The 2-room bungalow accommodates up to 4 persons and has fans in the summer and a wood burner for the winter

Adobe Bungalow:

Made by sundried mud bricks (mixture of earth, water and hay), it has a  natural insulation to heat or cold.  Has a large  double bed and AC.

Wooden Honeymoon Bungalow:

Specially designed and custom made, the wooden bungalow serves as a comfortable retreat for both warm summer and cool winter. Double sealed windows and air-conditioning system will turn hot summer days into a cool breeze. The smell of pine and cedar wood used in the construction will also add to the atmosphere.

Riverside Bungalow:

Prefered mostly by families and people who like even more solitude as it is situated on the other side of the river, further from main area. It has 2 rooms, with a double and a single bed and AC.