The Lycian Way


The challenging trek was researched by Kate Clow who currently leads a number of treks in the area: “… The Lycian Way, is a 30-day, 500 km walk around the coast and mountains of Lycia, starting from Fethiye and finishing near Antalya. It gets progressively more difficult as it winds around the coast, into the mountain ranges and finishes at a height of 1500m with spectacular view over the tourist beaches.”
The route is also clearly marked every 100m with red and white stripes, but you may want to buy “The Lycian Way” guidebook by Kate Clow for reference…

The route is graded medium to hard; it is not level walking, but has many ascents and descents as it approaches and veers away from the sea. It is easier at the start near Fethiye and gets more difficult as it progresses. Recommended time for the route is either between late February and late May in the spring or between mid September to mid November. The route is mainly over footpaths and mule trails; it is mostly over limestone and often hard and stony underfoot.

SUNDANCE welcome those who are exploring the Lycian way. (Section 22A)

If you would like to contact Kate for solo trekking in the Lycian Way or about obtaining her book, visit her site at
She also runs other treks in the area including St. Paul Trail.

For group trekking, visit: (Mr Atil Ulas Cuce)